Monday, September 3, 2007

Manny Pacquiao Back in Action!

After a short bout with the flu, Manny Pacquiao was back in the gym again yesterday, sparring six rounds at the EWS Gym in Cebu and declaring his readiness for the tougher training days ahead.

Pacquiao was down over the weekend but after a brief rest and some medication was up on his feet playing basketball with local mediamen Sunday morning.

Trainer Freddie Roach hoped it would be Pacquiao’s last stint on the basketball court where he is susceptible to injuries like a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle.

Yesterday, Pacquiao moved well around the ring as he sparred six rounds in a mid-afternoon session. He started the day with a 30-minute run at a local park.

“Goodbye lagnat (fever). Back to training na,” said Pacquiao, now with 31 rounds of sparring in his logbook. He said this should be the last time his training would be halted heading to the fight.

“He was not pushed that hard in sparring but still he looked fine,” said Pacquiao’s chief-of-staff Jake Joson, who also believe that the boxer should now stay away from the hardcourt.

“He had a talk with Freddie about his playing basketball. I think they’ve agreed that last Sunday’s would be the last. Manny said all he wanted was to work out some sweat,” said Joson.

Roach had suggested that Pacquiao skip sparring yesterday, but it was the 28-year-old boxer who insisted, saying he didn’t want to disrupt the sparring schedule.

He spars on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and skipping yesterday’s session the way he did last Friday was unacceptable for the Filipino fighter.

There are only 32 days left before Pacquiao fights Marco Antonio Barrera in Las Vegas. Roach said they plan to shift their training to Los Angeles on Sept. 22.

Pacquiao spent some time with his wife Jinkee and daughter Princess at the beach on Sunday afternoon before treating some relatives and friends to dinner.


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